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Education on Europe

We are building a Community of Practice with Green European Foundation, a handful of great practitioners and the Bosch Foundation support: a CoP for civic educators for a democratic citizenship in Europe. This seed is being planted during the ‘Education on Europe’ workshop we are organising in Lisbon – and presented at NECE Campus on the 29th.

Joining educators and practitioners, civic education trainers and intercultural mediators – we are hosting such a workshop in Lisbon with the final objective of designing a useful, practical and engaging Community of Practice (CoP). The day after, the 29th, we present this ‘Education on Europe’s Community of Practice’ at NECE – Networking European Citizenship Education online campus, from 10h to 11h30 (CEST) – register here.

4Change’s team challenged GEF’s team to gather forces and participants to design such a CoP around democratic literacy, fundamental rights and citizenship for educators. The Bosch Foundation supported with seed-money to design the CoP that started in the heads of the participants of ‘Education on Europe’ programme. The original target-group are the non-engaged Europeans – and the practitioners that work with them.  

The citizens that do not participate in the democratic life and rarely vote, are demotivated to be part of this huge European countries community –  namely, disenfranchised young people, but also the hesitant Europeans. This workshop is also searching for tools and approaches to set the basis for counteracting populism and intolerance, fostering democratic participation and demand for a better Europe.

These are the values guiding us at 4Change – and the real impact we want to achieve with our work, working towards global citizenship. Good practices and inspirations wanted for this participatory construction of the CoP, please send us an e-mail to 

São os valores que nos guiam na 4Change e o impacto real que queremos com o nosso trabalho – trabalhar em prol de uma comunidade global. Ideias, boas práticas e inspirações são bem vindas para esta construção participada, envie um e-mail para 

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