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How do you know it is working?

The pandemic urgent challenges forced us to think and act fast in locked down communities and isolated people. But how to ensure our action is efficient and has impact? 

One of 4Change’s challenges was always how to build the capacity of partners, beneficiaries and throughout the social economy: turning complexity into more accessible approaches and sharing adequate resources for the small (and micro!) organisations. A set of tested, accessible methods to answer each organisation’s needs to map, monitor, assess or simply fine-tune their actions and results can be found at our Social Impact Management Toolkit.

 Last month we’ve invited small and medium organisations and institutions of our territory (Ajuda – Vale de Alcântara – Lisboa) to make an hour and half break from their work and share and re-think social impact in their own context. It is central to know how to measure and to communicate the social impact of civil society and the social sector – only then it can guarantee not only more efficiency but also sustainability in face of social funders as well as accountability to fellow citizens. 

Also in February we’ve promoted a debate with the Toolkit drafting partners for the Bosch Foundation’s alumni network: Făgăraș Research Institute and Cromo Foundation, with a clear perspective of the pandemic impact in European social economy by Daniel Sorrosal from Crédal/ Febea. In such times, the central question is: how can small organisations prove their social impact when focusing on the fast response to the pandemic challenges?

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