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Humano Festival: construction site

Two schools, 7 classrooms, many teachers and other educators, as well as volunteers, artists and activists – in two communities, Alpiarça rural area and Padre Cruz neighbourhood. We’re building a HUMANO festival for next spring, with the support of Cidadãos Ativ@s / Active Citizens Funds / EEA Grants programme.

4Change and the large partnership built for two years actions expected high impact: Histórias para Pensar Association, José Relvas (Alpiarça) e Bairro Pe Cruz (Lisbon) schools with the local municipalities of Junta de Freguesia de Carnide and Câmara Municipal de Alpiarça. Counting also with the support of facilitators, film and theatre directors, art educators and Plano Nacional das Artes – strengthening the democratic literacy and growing a more humane community.

Always in April, HUMANO festival will show: 

  1. art and literacy workshops cultivate the civic culture at its local expression, with the engagement of young people
  2. the capacity of educators, build with parents and teachers but also school staff – to integrate these values in a sustainable way
  3. the engaged community with local partnerships and dynamics

Hoping to advocate for more humane and inclusive societies, making human rights and tolerance more contagious, involving other schools for the future Humano Festival.

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