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Media literacy training

4Change invites all people working in education, in particular those linked with adults’ education, for the free course “Team Up! MIL training of trainers”.

The training takes place in the week of 14th to 21th November – in the hours/days agreed with the majority of participants (please insert your preferences in the registration form) and will repeat in January 2023. 

The course consists in a series of workshops, with #MIL and #mediaeducation basic approaches and concepts, but a strong practical component of media production (from photography to podcast). It is designed to serve the needs of a diversity of educators and technical staff that work close to adult’s audiences: from LIbraries to NGO, from the formal adult education to non-formal education, from social inclusion or employment.

Because the media are, today, inescapable – and we are all connected, somehow. These are the new literacies that shape the ways citizens connect and participate in our media ecosystems – also in the private and social and even work spheres of our society. Having the knowledge of how to manage media in our daily lives and knowing how to communicate is key – for e.g., how to deal with online hate speech or violence in social networks when it passes our way? 

This training course is part of the project “TeamUp! #MediaforInclusion for Adults / Os média na inclusão de pessoas adultas”, co-financed by #Erasmusplus. A consortium of European organisations lead by @eriminternational in France, with @KARPOSontheweb from Greece, @Forma.AZIONE from Italy, and @4ChangeONG in Portugal, #medialiteracy or #MIL – media and information literacy. 

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