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Counteracting racism – open course

Registrations opened for the training “Using Behavior Analysis preventing and addressing racism in primary schools”. The training is delivered by Athens University of Panteion and can grant certification (by request).

“Racist behaviour is caused by fear of the unknown” – this sentence symbolizes the teachings of Behavior Analysis brought by the Athens University of Panteion. Part of the Erasmus+ project that joins in partnership 4Change and Oxfam Italy, this training is delivered for primary schools teachers in Portugal and Italy.

The course consists of 18 hours blended learning, divided in 5 online sessions during every tuesday afternoon of November – and is completed with 12 hours offline challenges to be completed between online sessions. This free course grants a certificate and can provide certification when requested by the teachers – limited teachers per country.

Main objective of the training course is to present the basic school educators with an analysis of the possible causes of racist behavior and to offer methods to prevent and address racism. Educators are then challenged to act as multipliers and use these approaches and tools with the education community of each school, even engaging parents and students.

The materials and videos produced by Panteion University are being translated and will be the main tools for the training. Registrations available through this link.

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