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Voice for Ajuda neighbourhood

All citizens that would like to collaborate in the mapping of resources can join MIC meeting on the 18th from 17h30 to 19h30 (registrations here). We have also an open questionnaire to contribute registering online any resource here – can be a recycling point or a second-hand shop or even those shoemakers that prolong the life of our shoes and bags). 

‘Dá voz ao teu bairro / Voice your neighbourhood’ started in 4 territories where MIC stimulates an active network of Zero waste solutions, increasing the well-being and environmental quality. Al in partnership with organisations working at local level, with the communities, as 4Change in Ajuda, Fundação Gonçalo Silveira in Lumiar, Movimento de Expressão Fotográfica in Marvila and Junta de Freguesia de S. Vicente in Alfama.

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