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Energia BipZip on video

Following DSG Covid-19 rules, we’ve met at Ajuda’s neighbourhood without a full audience but many curious people listening from the window or in small families groups: the debates in small groups started with a marvelous conversation about ‘Communities, schools and learnings: education today and tomorrow’! Besides a collective reflection of the ways education can start tracing, the influence of Covid-19 and alternative visions of our common future were debated. The infographics and illustrations also provide a good summary of the rich discussion.

We thank once more to all participants: the COMENSI partners and the local partners Amigos do B2M Junta De Freguesia Ajuda Locals, Laboratório de Estudos Urbanos, Dinâmia/ISCTE, Academia de Jovens do Casalinho, Sport Clube Rio Seco, Recycle Lab, Sporting Clube Rio Seco – and the choir Coro Comunitário da Ajuda/Cusca  – Cultura e Comunidade that closed the event at the sunset with good music to all people and a lot of energy: Energia BIP/ZIP!

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