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Humano Festival: fostering school communities

Kickin-off the second year of HUMANO Festival – challenging schools to strengthen their democratic culture and the civic awareness of each diverse community. In 2021/22 the project grew in Bairro Padre Cruz and Alpiarça school communities – now sprouts in Oeiras Secondary School Sebastião e Silva and Passos Manuel Secondary School in Lisboa.

Last Abril Humano Festival was the cherry on top of our common cake: at the blogue can be seen what the groups of students from Bairro Padre Cruz and Alpiarça have achieved. With the engagement of school staff and teachers, parents and grandparents, local partnerships and municipalities, a big celebration of democracy, human rights and new ways of looking at the world was built – together!

How did it all start? For the schools, Humano Festival’s starts with the initial training of teachers and other educators in each school – with the support of art and literacy facilitators as Marta Branquinho, Eduardo Amaro, Joana Saraiva and the collective Qual Albatroz. Through a participatory process, students and teachers and local partnerships define with these facilitators how they want to present everything they value and create in the community – making that a more humane school community.

Young people aged 12 to 16 anos are the local agents of democratic action, engaged by tools like stories of life, drama, cinema and other arts. In 2023 the four schools will again organise Humano Festival to present the productions and collaborations lead by young people, with cultural and social activities in synergy with partners and residents and families.

4Change and all partners, with the support of #EEAGrants / #cidadãosativos, thus contributes to build the skills of the school communities, from parent’s association to each school staff. Are you a teacher, parent or a school board member and want to join the ‘Humano Festival sprouting training’ for new schools taking place in 12 e 13 de Maio de 2023? Fill the form.

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