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Media production for activism?

With the Autumn, 4Change’s team travelled North for the kick-off meeting of a new Erasmus+ project led by Brussels Media Animation team, “CLAP: Collective Learning through Antiracist Productions”. Critical, Technical and Media Literacy skills development for reading, using and producing media is the focus of the project – in particular to work with adult educators.

This first discussion and planning meeting of CLAP was also the opportunity to start a good practices and resources exchange between the European partners organisations: the lead Media Animation with Karpos from Greece and 4Change from Portugal. 

 CLAP want to engage adults, but in particularly with diverse vulnerabilities, promoting civic engagement and advocating for more equity – at the same time aims to fight racism and by: 

_Building the skills of educators with training modules, tools and resources to manage group dynamic

_Making citizens more proficient about media production, in particular audiovisual media.

_Support media productions developed not only by people that suffer from discrimination but also people that can communicate and advocate against racism

_Special focus will be given to disseminating and making these pieces of media wide visible, through reflection and strategic work followed through by the people who build these.

 The key question guiding CLAP is: how can amator productions be used as an activism opportunity? Erasmus+ co-financing will allow partner organisations to harvest time and experts to innovate their practices and resources – allowing these resources to be technically, aesthetically and linguistically fine tuned, so they become open and useful to the largest possible number of people.


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